Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're Back!

Hooray!  Our blog is going to try to revive itself!  Sorry that we have neglected it for awhile!  There has been so many events in our family over the last months that it's been hard to keep up.  Especially this last month!  Whew!  Let me give it to ya in a nutshell:  Sharon had her baby on Feb. 20th.  Isaac Joseph Rivers was 8 lbs. 14 oz. (Visit their baby blog for pictures!) Today Leslee, my sister-in-law, had her second baby.  They haven't decided on a name yet but she's a girl 6 lbs. 15 oz. and healthy!  Their baby was born on Sharon and Anthony's birthday!  How cool!  I'm so blessed to be a new aunt twice over in one week!  Also, as some of you know, Jonny is getting married March 15th.  We are so excited to be welcoming Libby Gianeskis into our family.  Libby is a very sweet, warm and beautiful girl.  They'll make a great team!   As for our clan- Zach had an alumni weekend for Santa Fe High School.  It was a good chance for him to catch up with some of his old friends and for me to meet some of his old buddies.  Jeremiah turned 5  years old Feb. 8th.  Kaelyn is 3, and Adrienne is potty-trained! As for me, I've been trying to keep everything running smoothly with all that is going on.  Our newest adventure would have to be Jeremiah taking up tee ball!  The pictures you see above were from his first game on Saturday.  Our little lefty is so excited and just loves to play.  He is number 4 and played pitcher for the very first inning.  When he throws the ball he is "nails" which in baseball terminology means accurate:)  The sisters love to watch him and love to play with him whenever they get the chance.  Kaelyn can't wait until next year when she will get to play on the same team as her brother!