Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's 12 o'clock Somewhere

So.... we just got back from our very first cruise!! It was 5 days and 4 nights of complete relaxation, rejuvenation and recoils of laughter. Our friends Scott and Jennifer Sjoblom joined us on the high seas. We seem to stay in stitches around them! Laughter has a way of releasing stress, and I think we successfully released it all! This picture shows us "parked" in the port of Key West.

This was the dining hall where we ate every night... and this particular evening was the "Captain's Dinner" when everyone dressed in formal attire. It was kind of glamorous for this mother of three to get to dress up every night for dinner. Of course, Zach was longing for his khaki shorts and tennis shoes!

This picture was our attempt to catch a romantic sunset picture on the deck, but we missed it. However, still a good pic of us!?

Here was a cool pic of the famous "Sloppy Joe's Bar" in Key West. We only had three hours in Key West, so we didn't have time to taste a sloppy sandwich. Maybe the next time we swing in to Key West we'll have time to stop.

We then headed to beautiful Cozumel, Mexico! This picture was taken after our adventure excursion... see below... but sitting on a wooden teak chair, in the warm breeze overlooking the ocean with my cold Sangria after a hot, sweaty excursion...doesn't get more "vacation" than that!!!
Cool huh!? This was our choice for an excursion... rock climbing (2- 30 ft. towers, 1-60 ft. tower), repelling, zip lining and walking across suspended bridges dangling 25 ft. in the air!! It was awesome!

What up?

I felt fa' real ya'll!

Zach looked fa' real, too!

And last but not least, Zach and I loved just being away, and being together. We always have fun, but trips like this remind us just how much we mean to each other. Thank you, Lord for this amazing adventure!
If you would like more extensive pictures just let us know and we'll email them to you. We've got some more great shots!
Please, please, please post your comments! Love ya!


The Collin's Girls: said...
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The Collin's Girls: said...
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The Collin's Girls: said...
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The Agarwals said...

Oops! The first THREE times I tried to post, I was logged in on a blog that I created today for a girl's Bible Study that we are doing with the women in our family- and I didn't think you would recognize the name "The Collins' girls!!" So, I had to wait for Rahul to assist me with the technical stuff- anyway, that explains all the deleted comments- sorry!!
Here's what I've been trying to post for an hour:
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I am so impressed with your site and your mad photo taking skills! Rahul saw your mom and kiddos at the BCM and told me all about the cruise that you were on! How exciting! It looks so relaxing!! You look glamorous girl, especially after all those 3 kids you've birthed! How do you do it?! And how do you get away for a vacation with just your hubby!? Please share! It looks like such a blast!! We'll be checking back frequently in hopes of lots more posts! Love you Diaz Clan!!

Anthony and Sharon said...

You guys look SO are the prettiest ever. And I love the picture at the end of ya'll kissing in your 'shut-up' shoes...awesome. Orange dress is kickin'... Dang Zach is so lucky.
I'll do my best to remind you about your takes a lot of love to nurture a blog:)

Scott said...

Man... that was so much fun! Jen and I both said that we miss you guys already... check out her myspace page she posted some of our pictures already... talk to you soon...

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Yea!! You have a blog!! I'm so excited!!! Now I can keep in touch with you better!
It looks like you guys had a blast on that cruise! Awesome! Your sunset pic is great! You guys look awesome!! whoo hoo!!

jennsjoblom said...

I figured it out!!!! LOL, I had to get a google account to do this. Lovin the blog stuff. I like this better than the myspace thingy I think? It's pretty nifty....hmmmm

Love ya, Jenn

Steve said...

Good for you starting a blog! And a flickr site as well! I'll be checking in occasionally.
BTW: I always thought the heel-kick was just in the movies!

Anthony and Sharon said...

When I tried to click on "Super Cool Sis's Kid" the link is wrong... it should be (you forgot the blogspot).

And Mr. Steve should know by now our family has a flare for the dramatic...a heel kick in a picture on the Caribbean SHOULD be expected! HAHA!

Andrea & Allen said...

Hey guys! I love this site - very cool. Are you sending these fun pictures to make me jealous? ha-ha. I am scared of getting sick - so I have never been on a cruise...but your pictures make me really want to try! I so want to climb that wall and walk the plank.

Another subject: LOVE the "Shut Up!" shoes (as somone so cleverly put it)!!!