Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arrr, Arrr, Arrr!!

Hooray! Okay, in reality it has been a couple weeks, but we have a new washer and dryer! In the span of one month our dryer quit, our brand new LCD t.v. quit, and the a/c in our car quit! So, when these beauties showed up at our front door you can imagine my excitement! I would like to give a quick thank you to all of our close family members who let us launder in their homes!
This is also the point in the story that I tell you they did not deliver our washer and dryer correctly! The nice people at whirlpool were supposed to deliver them unpackaged and ready to be installed (this conversation is clearly remembered by myself held with an elderly woman named Polly who spoke with a deep southern drawl). They were delivered, instead, totally boxed up with very short, uninformative directions, and the boxes were too big to fit through the laundry room door! So, they were placed in the very hot garage to await assembly. Anyhoo, it was clearly going to be up to me to get these bad boys ready to crank out some laundry! So armed with my screwdriver, wrench, socket wrench, and of course a steak knife, I got down to business. I even took the liberty to change the direction at which the dryer door opened! And just as I was thinking that I had totally missed my calling as "Heather- the Tool Woman-Diaz, I was confronted with...duhn, duhn, duhn... the electrical hook up!

Now, if you will notice the sweet little note - " Warning Fire"- which was conveniently located right beside the hooky up place where all the wires were supposed to go... I wisely decided to call in reinforcements. Ben (my brother-in-law and warranty manager for Southern Homes) would be the perfect person to help me out, especially if there really was a fire, I would have someone else to blame! (love you Ben)!Well, he finished the job within a few minutes of arriving and we got the dryer installed. I had already gotten the washer in and installed all by my haus- cat self and had it ready to go. Or so I thought. It turns out you need high efficiency detergent to use a high efficiency washer! So, Zach picked some up at the store on his way home from work. It was an adventure for sure! Our new high-efficiency washer and dryer clean fabulously! It's good to have family you can depend on in time of crisis, whether it's to get your laundry done, or to prevent a fire from burning down your house!


Anthony and Sharon said...

I knew you could do it! SHOOOOT. Our minds are made to figure things out (remember your assistance with Zach and the mailbox?)
Glad your kids don't have to wear dirty clothes to preschool anymore.;)

And I think if you let Kaelyn eat out of her soccer-ball lunch box everyday at home, she'd have the best of both preschool and home and you'd have one satisfied 2 year old!

love to all the Diazeses

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That's a great blog post! I love the pictures! You crack me up!! I'm totally proud of you for installing the washer and dryer - whoo hoo! You rOCK! :)

The Agarwals said...

Girl, there is nothing better in the whole world to a Momma of 3 than a washing machine that WORKS!! Seriously, about 3 weeks ago, ours went on the fritz too and it was going to take a month to get the repair guy here - my handy husband came to the rescue and solved the problem. So these pictures of you - happy as can be- make such perfect sense!! And you, my dear are one handy girl! I am so stinkin impressed!! WOO HOO!! How do you like the high-efficiency stuff?

jennsjoblom said...

LOL...You figured out how to put a washer and dryer together. I can't even figure out my password to make a comment....LOL. I had to resend for a new password because OBVIOUSLY the old one has left my brain =) But anyways, I am so super proud of your washer and dryer!!! I know you are. Funny how everthing in our homes stopped working when we got back from the cruise...LOL. We are STILL without a back toilet in the back bathroom....grrrrr! Love ya chica

your blog... said...

Hey Heather...this is your blog... update me... put pictures of all 3 of your adorable kids on here. Jeremiah's soccer game could be a great start. (there are no pics of Adri on here...just fyi)...

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